Natural Home Fragrance

Bring nature inside your home or workspace with our luxury, natural fragrance collection. Our reed diffusers, room sprays and eco soy candles have been delicately formulated to help you relax, indulge and caress your senses. Each beautifully fragrant blend is handmade and bursting with potent natural goodness.


Reed Diffusers

Tired? Anxious? Need to de-stress? Choose your mood and stir your senses with our wonderfully fragrant reed diffusers. Our therapeutic blends contain a massive 20% of natural pure essential oils for optimum aromatic seduction.

No synthetic fragrance. Just nature at its best.


Eco Soy Candles

Why eco soy? It’s simple.

Our 100% eco soy candles burn cleanly and last longer than paraffin wax equivalents.They are natural, biodegradable and retain their fragrance well, giving a long lasting, even scent. We have packed all our candles with potent organic essential oils to balance your emotions and reduce daily stress.

No synthetic fragrance or colour. No harmful chemicals - or soot marks on the wall. Just nature at its best.


Room Sprays

Get happy, relax or simply de-stress with our instant mood-boosting aromas. Carefully formulated with floral waters and pure essential oils to delicately scent your space and delight your senses.


No synthetic fragrance. No harmful chemicals. Just nature at its best.

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