Natural Reed Diffuser Refill in Signature Blend No.1


100ml refill, designed to top up the 50ml or 100ml natural reed diffuser bottles. This product comes in a 100ml glass bottle with screw top and DOES NOT include reeds or aroma reed flower.

FRAGRANCE – light and exotic with floral, citrus notes.

THERAPEUTIC QUALITIES – To shake your day away…we have carefully selected essential oils for their soothing, calming, and stress-relieving properties.

Key ingredients:

Ylang Ylang – Drives away anxiety, sadness and stress.

Rose Geranium – Uplifting. Eases tension and anxiety.

Patchouli – Both antidepressant and aphrodisiac.

Palmarosa – Wonderful for stress relief and helps to clear the mind.

Mandarin – Encourages calm and balance.

Lavender – Renowned for its relaxing sedative properties and has the ability to make other oils in the blend work harder.

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Your starter for Zen…relax and unwind with our wonderfully fragrant signature scent. Hand blended with an impressive 20% of pure essential oils. No synthetic fragrance. Just nature at its best.

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