Natural Burning Oil No.6 Love Blend


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Floral and woody with uplifting spice notes

Therapeutic Qualities

To naturally fragrance your home…we have carefully selected essential oils for their soothing, calming, and sensual properties.

Key ingredients:

  • Ylang Ylang – Well known for its aphrodisiac qualities, ylang ylang encourages self-confidence, warmth and sensuality.
  • Rose geranium – Has a balancing effect on the nervous system, emotionally uplifting and tension anxiety easing.
  • Patchouli – Considered to be an aphrodisiac.
  • Black Pepper – Encourages strength, stamina, endurance and motivation.
  • Frankincense – Calms the body and mind, aids meditation and relaxation.

9 in stock

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Delight your senses with our sensual, aromatic Love Blend
Natural Burning oil is designed to be used diluted in water in an oil burner or electric atomiser.
BLEND FRAGRANCE – light and exotic with floral, citrus notes.
Contains 100% pure essential oils.


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