Perfumed Wax Melts ‘Circe’


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Circe Wax Melts are beautifully perfumed to fill your room with an enchanting and evocative scent.

Rich and bold, our wax melts are blended for excellent scent throw for optimum fragrance performance.

9 in stock

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Our Circe wax melts are made with 100% natural plant wax and fragranced with a deeply enchanting and evocative perfume.

This perfume scent is our ode to the goddess Circe, rich earthy notes evoke the mysterious forest at midnight.

Wax melts come boxed in a lovely card box with a minimum weight of 50g, approximately 8 to 10 melts per box.

Instructions for use:

Remove all packaging and place one wax melt tablet in the well of your oil burner, use with an unscented tea light. When all the fragrance has evaporated, approx 20 hours, remove cool wax from oil burner well and replace with a fresh melt. 



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